Do I need a license to drive your boat? 

No, there are no requirements to have a license unless you were born on or after Jan 1st, 1988. A Boater Education Card is highly recommended. We only rent to individuals that are 26 years of age and older. We do require that the driver have boating experience. Most often, our customers are boat owners themselves, have driven boats previously, or owned a boat at one time. 




Who drives the boat?


You are the captain!  We require that you, or one of the members of your group have boating experience.  We are strictly a rental company, and not a charter for hire. This means that we cannot drive the boats for you. 



Frequently Asked Questions......


What do I need to do when it's time to come in?


Weather is always going to be a factor in any boating trip.  If the weather changes dramatically we will give you a heads up via cell phone or text.  All boats are on a 4-hour or 8-hour schedule.  Allow yourself adequate travel time getting back to the dock on time.  You can learn more about requirements here.


How far ahead should I make reservations? 


We always suggest making a reservation as early as possible.  We can always change the date if needed, depending on availability of boats. If you have questions, please use our contact page to get in touch.



How many people do the boats hold?

The NMMA assigns a maximum number or people or weight limits on most vessels.  Our pontoon boats will hold anywhere from 8 to 13 people and that number includes the driver.

Can I bring my dog?

Carolina Beach Pontoon Rental is dog-friendly! Learn more here!


How long does it take to get from Carolina Beach to Wrightsville Beach?


Regardless of which marina you leave from it takes roughly 40 to 45 minutes to reach Wrightsville Beach from Carolina Beach.  From Wrightsville Beach it takes 25 minutes to reach the Figure 8 Island Bridge.




When do I need to arrive?


We ask everyone to arrive 30 minutes prior to reserved departure time.  We have a 20 minute safety orientation to go through, and you have got gear and people to get onboard.  Arriving 30 minutes early lets you leave on time.  Arriving late will only delay your departure time.




How do I know where to go?

We will walk you through our orientation of the boats, as well as provide you with a water-way map.  The ICW has several shallow draft and shoaling  areas and we will show you all the local spots to anchor, swim, and eat. You can go as far north as the Topsail Island Bridge on Topsail Island.




Do you rent Kayaks, Sailboats, or Skiffs?

No, we only rent pontoons!




Can we keep the boats overnight? 


Unfortunately, no. This is for the safety of the renters, as well as our vessels.




What size engines do the boats have?

We run Mercury 4-stroke outboard engines. 90 horsepower.




Will I need to refuel the boats during the day?


You can run all day without having to stop to refuel. However, if you run the engine at wide open throttle constantly, you will probably want to refuel.  Our boats have a 28-gallon gas tank and finding the right RPM for basic cruising will save on gas.



Where is a good place to anchor? 

Anchoring is allowed. Each boat carries two anchors.  One for the bow and one for the stern. Wrightsville Beach, Figure Eight Island, and anywhere there is sand on the ICW makes for a good stop.  Is the tide coming in or going out? We will be happy to explain.



Are there places to dock and eat on the ICW?


Yes! Carolina Beach Yacht Basin has a dock and dine restaurant along with a public boat dock that you can park at.  Wrightsville Beach offers many restaurants near the Wrightsville Beach Bridge.  Excellent local seafood and ice cold beverages for your enjoyment.  We always encourage you to bring snacks and drinks with you. Remember, it's an adventure!




Is there a place to change my clothes or a restroom on the boat?


There is a public restroom near the public boat dock at Carolina Beach, and Wrightsville Beach.














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